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Elaboration of cava

The elaboration of cava Rosell & Formosa goes through different processes, starting with the harvest, pressing and the first fermentation of wine.

Once the coupage has been selected, we perform the topping up. This means we put the wine into the bottle, add wine yeast and sugar to encourage the second fermentation.

The bottles are placed on long racks in our cellars, where the wine matures in peace and silence; the sugar is converted into alcohol and carbonic gas... the famous cava bubbles.

Once the aging process is over, the lees produced during the second fermentation must be removed from the bottles. For this reason we place them on racks (called "pupitres"), with the neck pointing slightly downwards.

Expert hands turn the bottles to guide this sediment into the bottleneck. Later the wine is uncapped and the sediment removed, an operation we call disgorging. Next, the small quantity of liquid lost through sediment removal is replenished by a small amount of cava (in the case of Brut Nature cavas) or by liqueur de expédition (or dosage), created from a mixture of reserve wine and sugar (for Brut, Sec and Semi-sec cavas according to the amount of sugar).

All that now remains is to seal the bottle with its definitive cork, wire cage and capsule.

Rosell & Formosa cava is now ready to be served at your table. A prestigious, elegant, quality cava, which will set you a cut above the herd on any occasion.