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Reserva and Gran Reserva Cava

The Cava Regulatory Board establishes a minimum ageing of 9 months for any cava. This period refers to the time the bottles must remain on racks in the cellars with the base wine and the yeast. However, to obtain the fineness and elegancy of our cavas, our bottles remain and mature much longer.

This is why we can assure that we are specialists in Reserva cava and Gran Reserva cava, also regulated by the Cava Regulatory Board, and recognised as the greatest prestige cavas.


Cava reserva BrutCava Reserva semi secReserva Cava

The Rosell & Formosa Reserva cava has between 18 and 36 months of aging. We elaborate Reserva cava in different dosages, Reserva Brut, with a minimum quantity of expedition liqueur and Reserva Semi-Dry, a sweeter cava, with a touch of mature fruit that makes it ideal for desserts and pastries. You can distinguish the Reserva cava because they incorporate a green distinctive from the Regulatory Board.




Cava Gran Reserva Brut natureCava Gran Reserva daurat2Gran Reserva Cava

The Gran Reserva cava from Rosell & Formosa has from the 36 months of aging of our cava Gran Reserva Brut Nature to the 5 years aging of our cava Daurat Brut de Bruts, our higher range cava. You will recognise Gran Reserva cava thanks to the black distinctive of the Regulatory Board, which certifies that these cavas have been selected amongst the best cavas. The Gran Reserva cavas have to pass controls and analysis made by the Regulatory Board to certify their quality. We offer them in the variety Brut Nature, without any sugar added, to enhance their exceptional characteristics.